The Young Lasallian Movement aims at awakening awareness of the personal and collective vocational journey of adolescents and young adults involved in the Lasallian Educational Mission. This movement engages us on a personal, professional and spiritual level to go beyond our boundaries and to reach out so that we and those we accompany may have life, and have it to the fullest (John 10:10). 

International Symposium of Young Lasallians, 2014

What is a Young Lasallian?

The term, Young Lasallian, unites all who are involved with the Lasallian educational mission. We are committed to changing and transforming the lives of young people, especially the poor, through education. We commit to faith, service and community in dedication to St. John Baptist de La Salle.

This particular age group is very influential on the mission as a whole, coming up with creative and innovative ways to keep the 300-year Lasallian legacy alive. The Young Lasallian Movement is international, aiming to support young people spiritually, academically and holistically to build a better world.

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Who is a Young Lasallian?

Young Lasallians are a group of spirited individuals (ages 16-35) who are actively involved in the Lasallian educational mission.

  • High school students who participate in Lasallian Youth activities and are inspired by the values of the Lasallian educational mission

  • College and university students who are attending a Lasallian college or university

  • Graduates of a Lasallian school who are seeking to stay connected to the Lasallian family

  • Young Lasallian Professionals (up to age 35) who have identified as having a vocation as a Lasallian Educator

  • Lasallian Volunteers
  • De La Salle Brothers

Young Lasallian District Staff

Abby Michels,
Young Lasallian Coordinator
Phone: (630) 323-3725, ext. 225

Lasallian Youth

Lasallian Youth are high school students seeking an understanding of themselves and the world. They search for understanding through activities of faith, service, and community. They are interested in learning about justice and discovering the reasons for so much injustice in the world around them. Lasallian Youth understand that self-discovery and self-understanding begin in a community of acceptance. It grows in service to others and flowers in the light of faith.
Ultimately, Lasallian Youth, aligned with the culture and climate of the school, will become integral in fostering, strengthening and even transforming the culture and climate of the school. Student leaders design and offer activities that are open to everyone in the school and invite them to answer their call to faith, service and community. Lasallian Youth is an authentic expression of the Lasallian charism.
Click on any of these high schools to view student-made videos that showcase what makes their school Lasallian!

Twin Cities, Minnesota

Benilde-St. Margaret's
Cretin-Derham Hall
Holy Family

Chicago, Illinois

De La Salle Institute
Resurrection Prep
St. Joseph
St. Patrick

St. Louis, Missouri

Christian Brothers College

Cincinnati, Ohio

La Salle

Memphis, Tennessee

Christian Brothers

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Bishop Kelley

Young Lasallian Formation

Lasallian Youth Assembly

The Lasallian Youth Assembly is an annual, week-long gathering where Lasallian Youth from our 14 Lasallian high schools come together to immerse themselves in the social justice issues of our society today. Students come from all over the Midwest District to celebrate faith, service and community with their Lasallian peersThis unique opportunity brings together students from all different backgrounds and faiths and gives them an opportunity to build lifelong relationships through a shared desire to build a better world.


VEGA is a formation experience for young professionals (ages 22-35) working in our Lasallian ministries. VEGA, an acronym, comes from the Italian verbs, to see, to judge, to act, and is as well one of the brightest stars in the night sky. These two understandings situate this formation experience within a Lasallian context: the invitation to see life animated by a spirit of faith, and that spirit of faith then animates a practical response lived out in a spirit of zeal.  

Young Lasallian Leadership

Midwest District Lasallian Volunteers

Midwest Council of Young Lasallians