The 2020 kabara challenge

This year’s KabarA Challenge begins June 1 and runs through August 31. Every gift counts. Every gift will be matched, dollar for dollar. Help us hit our $150,000 goal and double your impact!

Make your gift today & your impact!

"The education I received from the Christian Brothers embodied the soul of empathy, in placing each of us at the heart of the enterprise, modesty, in acting for the benefit of others rather than ourselves, endurance, in that our education was an act for the future, and trust, in us and in our families who themselves trusted in us every single day. This influence has supported me through life and I thank the Brothers for this gift every day."
- hon. gregory o'brien, st. george class of 1969


Dear Friends,

We hope this letter finds you, your family and friends safe and healthy. We are blessed again as we launch a new year of the KabarA Challenge.

We have witnessed all that this campaign has done for our Senior Brothers, like covering costs related to in-home healthcare, living expenses in assisted care facilities, transportation, surgeries and more. Last year alone, your generosity funded new Life Alert monitors for our Brothers and a Vision Enhancer machine for those who are visually impaired.  Life-changing gifts!

Over half of our 117 Brothers in the Midwest District are retired. With an average age of 74, we expect this percentage to grow at a precipitous rate and the number of members able to provide care to dwindle. Outside resources are of critical importance.

These are difficult times as the spread of COVID-19 continues to have an effect on our lives, our economy, and our community at large. Your compassionate giving through this remarkable fundraising effort enriches our Brother’s ability to continue to volunteer with our ministries while also preserving and improving their quality of life.

We can certainly calculate donations, but we cannot measure generosity, faith, and love. Please accept our deepest gratitude for your support of this initiative. Know that your willingness to journey with us provides a retirement of dignity to those De La Salle Christian Brothers who have given their lives in service.

This year’s KabarA Challenge begins June 1 and runs through August 31. Help us reach our goal of $150,000. Every gift matters. Every gift will be matched, dollar for dollar, enabling your donation to have double its impact.

As always, you are remembered daily in our prayers. Please remember us in yours! 

Goal Progress

Goal: $150,000 63%

Make Your Gift Today!

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Mail your gift to: KabarA Challenge, 7650 S. County Line Rd, Burr Ridge, IL 60527 
Be sure to leave a message to the Brother you wish to honor!

Click HERE to make your gift online & leave your message to a Brother.

Call us at (630) 323-3725 to make your gift over the phone or find out about other ways of giving.

The CARES Act—the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act—is a $2.2 trillion stimulus plan that contains funding opportunities for charities and enhanced charitable giving incentives in 2020. The following provides a general overview of the key parts of the plan intended to help you continue supporting charities that matter to you, like the Christian Brothers of the Midwest.  As always, we encourage you to consult with your own advisor for the most accurate, up-to-date information and to determine the most tax-advantaged way to make charitable gifts.

If you wish to make a gift to support the work of the Christian Brothers, you can do so now by clicking the link below.