Our Mission

The purpose of the Lasallian Mission Council (LMC) is to ensure that the Midwest District fulfills its mission of providing a human and Christian education of the young, especially the poor. Those who serve on the LMC are representative of the ministries around the District. They assist, guide, and direct the Superintendent of Lasallian Education on mission-related District policies and major initiatives. They determine how best to promote and ensure the quality of the Lasallian mission at each District ministry. The members of the LMC create and serve on standing committees that address each of the key areas of the Lasallian educational mission: finance, governance, assessment, formation, and association. The LMC administers certain reserve powers for the boards of ministries controlled by Christian Brothers of the Midwest, Inc., guides all of the boards of District ministries, and assists with board development and formation.

Current Council Members

Ms. Kathie Brown  – Chair
Holy Family Catholic High School

Brother Mark Engelmeyer, FSC
Christian Brothers High School

Brother Michael Fehrenbach, FSC
Midwest District

Ms. Lori Dressel, AFSC
La Salle Manor Retreat Center

Brother Chuck Gregor, FSC
Midwest District

Dr. Jack Hargett
Christian Brothers University

Brother Michael Kadow, FSC – Vice Chair
Midwest District

Dr. Scott Kier
Midwest District

Mr. Michael Lesiak
Christian Brothers Services

Ms. Ann Merchlewitz
Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

Ms. Abby Michels
Midwest District

Dr. Kurt Schackmuth
Lewis University

Dr. Susan Skinner
Benilde-St. Margaret School

Brother Mark Snodgrass
San Miguel School Chicago

Lasallian Mission Opportunities Fund

The Lasallian Mission Opportunities Fund (LMOF) was established by the District Council through the combination of the Saint Mary’s Press Lasallian Education Fund, the Brother James Miller Social Justice Fund, and the Matthews-Sullivan Fund. The management of the LMOF was given to the Lasallian Mission Council and new operating principles and application procedures were adopted and approved in January 2016.

The purpose of the LMOF is to grant funding to assist in advancing human and Christian religious education in the Lasallian tradition, especially for the economically poor and socially marginalized, with specific emphasis on youth. Preference will be given to those projects that support the ministries in the Midwest District, promote social justice, and directly serve the financially poor, with specific emphasis on youth.

The online application must be submitted by April 17 for consideration. Grants will be awarded in May. Recipients will be expected to submit a report on their usage of the funds by February 1 of the year following the award.