Welcome to the Lasallian Companions!

We  welcome you to the new program of the District for retired Lasallians, both Brothers and Partners.  As many of us who have been committed to the Mission throughout our careers and who have been transformed by the formation programs we have experienced find ourselves retired from active ministry, we may find that we want to stay connected to that Mission.  Lasallian Companions is the link to enable that connection.

Lasallian Companions (LC) provides opportunities for retired Lasallians to be of service to the District and to local ministries.  This service might include mentoring young teachers, being a spiritual companion to a teacher or administrator, responding online to individuals participating in the online formation program, or other forms of service. 

In addition, Lasallian Companions might provide a place for online, conference call, or video call discussions of books, documents from the Institute, or other professional or spiritual reading.  Encouraging retired Lasallians in their unique station in life is one of the primary purposes of this group with the means to accomplish that still evolving. 

Please visit this page frequently to see what is going on, to contact us with input and questions, or to share ideas with other retired Lasallians. 

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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is currently responsible for spreading the word about Lasallian Companions and providing leadership in creating resources and opportunities along with maintaining records of interested individuals.

Please feel free to contact any of these people with questions and/or comments.

(L-R) Bob Orbtal, Marianne Stich, Jan Mines, David Hotek,
Mary Catherine Fox, Br. Michael Kadow, and Paul Kraus

Interested? Let us know!

Current Projects

Online Formation Program:  Marianne Stich is currently working with a group of online formation program participants by responding to posts and making other comments via the Discus app.  For additional information about this project, contact Marianne at:  mariannestich50@gmail.com.

St. Mary’s University Retired Lasallians Group:  Mary Catherine Fox is currently part of a group of retired faculty and staff from St. Mary’s University in Minnesota who meet periodically for lunch or other social outings.  For information, contact Mary at:  mfox@smumn.edu.

Lewis University International Students Group:  Jan Mines is currently working with a program for international students at Lewis.  If you are interested in this group, contact Jan at:  minesje@lewisu.edu.

Service Mentoring at CBCHS:  Paul Kraus is currently working with students and faculty at CBC on service projects.  Paul is especially involved in the Task Sports Camps for special needs kids Contact Paul for further information at: PaulK@tasksports.onmicrosoft.com.

Staff Mentoring:  Bob Ortbal is currently mentoring staff and volunteers at the David Darst Center.  To find out more about this project, contact Bob at:  rortbal@comcast.net.

Spiritual Mentoring and Retreat Programming:  David Hotek is working with faculty, staff, and students in the areas of spiritual mentoring and retreats.  To find out more about what David is doing, contact him at: David.Hotek@stjosephhighschool.onmicrosoft.com.