Midwest District Celebrates Jubilee Year with Relic Pilgrimage

As part of the Lasallian Jubilee year and the celebrations in honor of the 300th Anniversary of the Founder’s entry into eternal life, the Christian Brothers Midwest District has organized a Pilgrimage of the Relic of Saint John Baptist de La Salle. The idea behind the pilgrimage is to create a connection between every Midwest ministry and to provide an opportunity to reflect on the Lasallian call.

Each ministry of the District will participate in the pilgrimage of the Founder.  Ministries will display, for veneration as well as personal and communal reflection, a ‘first-class relic’ of De La Salle. A relic is considered to be first-class if it is a small part of the saint’s body.  The pilgrimage includes a small bone chip from the Saint. In addition ministries will also receive optional prayer services for reception and departure of the relic to the next ministry.

The relic has already been displayed at several locations including: La Salle Manor (Plano, IL), De La Salle Institute (Chicago, IL), and Montini Catholic High School (Lombard, IL). Each ministry has celebrated the arrival with special school masses.

The remaining dates for the relic tour are as follows:

April 29 – St. Joseph High School (Westchester, IL)
August 15 – Christian Brothers High School (Memphis, TN)
September 30 – Saint Patrick High School (Chicago, IL)
October 28 – Christian Brothers College High School (St. Louis, MO)

More dates to be announced.

To read more about individual relic celebrations, click the links below:

De La Salle Institute (Chicago, IL)
Montini Catholic High School (Lombard, IL)

Photos courtesy of Montini Catholic High School and De La Salle Institute