From March 14 to 16, Lasallians from all over the world gathered in Mexico City to attend the World Congress of Lasallian Education. The Congress focused on the path towards the Declaration of Lasallian Pedagogy and the theme was “Lasallian Education for the 21st Century.”

The goal was to provide a space for Lasallian educators to analyze the perspectives for the future of education and to share their reflections and good practices.

“The Congress provided an opportunity to meet Lasallian colleagues from around the world, to share ideas, acquire new formation materials, and make new friends,” said Scott Kier, Superintendent of Lasallian Education.

Throughout the gathering, attendees were invited to attend keynote addresses by Francesc Pedró, Tracy Adams, AFSC,  and Brother Carlos Gomez Restrepo as well as workshops and a graphic exhibition. In attendance from the Midwest District, was Brother Mike Fehrenbach, Scott Kier, Brother Matt Kotek (CBHS), Sue Skinner (BSM), Ann Merchlewitz (SMU), Brother Robert Smith (SMU), Brother Larry Humphrey (Singapore), Brad Casey (DLSHS), Martha Coughlan (DLSHS), and Marta Vazquez (DLSHS).

“The map of the Lasallian world and talk about our presence in about 80 countries is an abstraction. However, gathering with 600 teachers and administrators who are totally committed to the mission handed down by St. John Baptist de La Salle and the early brothers, is not – it’s an experiential reality,” said Brother Mike Fehrenbach. “Creating friendships with people from India, Mexico, the Philippines and Dominican Republic, Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Singapore, the UK, Europe and many other places gives you a concrete sense of the good the Lasallian mission is accomplishing in the world. I’m grateful for having been given this gift.”

The World Congress was held at Universidad La Salle and gathered over 600 participants from 18 countries.