This past March, General Councilors Brother Gustavo Ramirez and Brother Rafa Matas visited the Midwest District as part of their tour of RELAN (Lasallian Region of North America). This tour was meant to deepen their understanding of how association for the mission is lived out in the Midwest District. During their stay, they visited Lewis University, Christian Brothers Services, De La Salle Institute, the Novitiate, and the Midwest District Office.
Following their visit, Brothers Gustavo and Rafa shared their experiences and gratitude (below).
On the occasion of our visit to the Midwest District, we want to thank all the Brothers for their magnificent fraternal welcome and for allowing us, through the excellent organization of our visit, to get to know much better the reality of association and commitment of District Lasallians to the mission.
Our meetings with the various heads of Young Lasallians and Lasallian Lay Formation have been a great help to us. The same goes for those who participated in the District and Lasallian Mission Council meetings. With realism but also with creativity, you are looking for ways to respond to the challenges posed by the Institute and the District. We appreciate the commitment to formation, to the young Lasallians, to sharing the mission with lay colleagues, to your good stewardship of District resources with a vision for the future, and for your attention to more Lasallian vocations.
The dialogue we had with the Lasallians of De La Salle Institute and Lewis University was rich and allowed us to see how the Lasallian charism is alive and well in the District. The challenge of continuing to seek points of encounter to share our lives, prayer and spirituality can serve as a good topic for dialogue and reflection.
We congratulate the entire Lasallian Family of the District and encourage you to keep turning challenges into opportunities.
– Brothers Gustavo and Rafa
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