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Young Lasallians Gather at Huether

Young Lasallians present at Huether gathered on the opening day

The event was hosted by Dan Dowling from the Midwest District and provided Young Lasallians with an opportunity to meet one another and learn about future gatherings. Several Brothers were also present.

Chris Fay, Marcello Donato, and Shawn Morgan, all from Christian Brothers High School in Memphis.

Dan Dowling (DLSI, Chicago), Bro. Larry Schatz, Bro. George Van Grieken (SF), and Saul Martinez (Martin de Porres, New York)

Young Lasallians from around the Region enjoying hors d’oeuvres and conversation.


Distinguished Lasallian Educators

Ms. Judith McMasters, Academic Dean, Bishop Kelley HS, Tulsa, OK

“Judith McMasters demands excellence from the students and faculty not by proxy but by example. Her commitment to her faith, the Lasallian Mission, and Bishop Kelley High School is continually evident in her presence, words, and actions. Judith attended the Lasallian Leadership Institute and she has been an integral part of helping keep the Lasallian spirit alive as an administrator at Bishop Kelley. Parents, faculty, and students recognize Judith as an outstanding educator for her care and concern for their best interests.”

Mr. Kurt Schackmuth, Associate VP for Mission, Lewis University, Romeoville ,IL

“A Lewis University double alumnus, Kurt Schackmuth has wholeheartedly embraced the Lasallian Mission of Lewis, even as an undergraduate student. He has served for more than a decade in various impactful positions that have significantly helped to define and promote the Mission of Lewis. Kurt facilitates the Mission and Heritage Council at Lewis, a group that advises the President and Provost on matters related to Mission. He is a former member of the Midwest District’s Mission and Ministry Council, has served as Lasallian Animator since 2005, and completed the Buttimer Institute.”

2010 Distinguished Lasallian Educators of the USA-Toronto Region

For more information on the other award winners, please go to: http://lasallian.info/detail/news.cfm?news_id=237&id=103


Third Day at the Huether Conference

Spaceflight: The beauty, the Glory and the Sacred

Today we started our first morning session with former astronaut Dr. Story Musgrave.

Story joined the U.S. Marines during the Korean war where he was aircraft electrician and an engine mechanic.

Musgrave started flying with the Marines and over the next 55 years accumulated 18,000 hours in over 160 aircraft. He holds seven graduate degrees in math, computers, chemistry, medicine, physiology, literature and psychology, and has received 20 honorary doctorates.

Panel of Lasallian Alumni with Successful STEM Careers

After a great starting session we continued with a panel of Lasallian Alumni with Successful STEM Careers. They are Richard Gadomski, Founder & CEO (Retired) PSI Group,  Carolyn Vitek, Medical Education Coordinator/Geneticist, Mayo Clinic and Stephen Ruberg, Scientific Leader, Advanced Analytics, Eli Lilly & Company, Global Statistical Sciences.

Regional Lasallian Education Branding Session.

During this session we were trying to find the four pivotal subjects that will be the platform in finding a common ground for the Lasallian Branding. The four suggested topics are:

Advancing the legacy of St. John Baptist de La Salle
More than three centuries of responding to student needs
Shared vision within a global community, and
A 21st century education rooted in tradition

Distinguished Lasallian Educator Awards Banquet

The day ends up with a Mass and  banquet to honor our distinguished Lasallian Educators.

Bro Tom Lackey introduces the recipients of the Distinguished Lasallian Educator Award. At the end of the ceremony Bro. Frank and Bro. Larry pose with our hosts from La Salle High School in Cincinnati, OH.


Second Day at the Huether Conference

Our keynote speaker for the first morning session today was Alex Cirillo Jr., retired Vice President of 3M,  who was talking about “The Role of Innovation in Education”. It was very interesting to know that Dr. Cirillo has also contributed to mentoring programs both inside an outside 3M, including mentoring in the MENTTIUM 100 program.

Then during the rest of the day we had a chance to participate in breakout sessions like “Pedagogy for Conceptual Retention: Modeling Instructions in Science”, or “Serving Learners and Educators.”


37th Annual Huether Lasallian Conference

Last night Bro. Frank, Visitor of the Midwest District did the opening with Welcoming Remarks to the 37th annual Huether Lasallian Conference in Cincinnati.  The theme is: Promoting Innovative Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Initiatives in Lasallian Schools.

For the next two days science, computer, mathematics and engineering teachers, technology directors, administrators, District and Regional leaders from any Lasallian ministry are gathered together.

After a great introduction by Bro. Frank we were delighted to hear Father George Coyne SJ, President of the Vatican Observatory Foundation. Father George holds a doctorate degree in astronomy from Georgetown University and has been awarded a PhD degree honoris causa by several universities in the USA. Father George introduced us into the science of the universe and religious faith, a very powerful presentation!