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Lasallian Youth Gathering 2012

The Midwest District Lasallian Youth Gathering took place at Lewis University on June 25-29. Over 60 Lasallian Youth from nine high schools participated. The theme was “Carry the Light” and the focus was on FAITH. This year’s gathering was coordinated and staffed by University Ministry at Lewis and involved many hours of planning and prepping. All of it paid off beautifully. By all accounts the week was very successful. On a personal note, I was present Monday afternoon to deliver the keynote address on Faith and returned Thursday afternoon and evening for the closing festivities. The difference in the faces and attitudes of the young people in those three days was amazing. They had clearly formed a vibrant Lasallian community together.

The opening liturgy on Monday with DLSI President Paul Novak presiding.

Much of the actual animation for the week was carried out by the LYG Companions, a dynamic group of college students who accompanied each of the four small groups or “tracks”: Men’s Spirituality, Women’s Spirituality, Scripture, and Prayer. LY Moderators were also present in each of the groups.

LYG Companions  and University Ministry Staff

Peter Gleich, veteran LY Moderator from Cretin-Derham Hall commented: “Thanks for making our summer gathering a reality again. As always, it was a transforming experience for the kids and adults. For me, the gathering is in some ways a culmination of the school year in that I see the kids take what they’ve spend the last nine months and 16/17 years learning and now they are living it out with joy and enthusiasm.”

Mary Gleich, CDH LY Moderator, with two Lasallian Youth.

Lasallian Youth and Moderators at Buckingham Fountain in Chicago.

Midwest District High Schools who attended the 2012 LYG are: Bishop Kelley, CBHS (Memphis), CBCHS (St. Louis), Cretin-Derham Hall, DeLaSalle HS (Mpls), De La Salle Institute (Chicago), Holy Family Catholic HS, Montini Catholic, and Totino-Grace.

The Men’s Spirituality group.

Thursday night’s social and dance, sponsored by Lewis President Bro. James.

A huge THANK YOU to Brother Phil Johnson and the  University Ministry staff for accepting the challenge to host and plan the 2012 Lasallian Youth Gathering and for doing it so well. On to CBU Memphis in 2013. Live Jesus in our hearts—and especially in the hearts of our Lasallian Youth!

Brother Larry


Young Lasallians Gather at Huether

Young Lasallians present at Huether gathered on the opening day

The event was hosted by Dan Dowling from the Midwest District and provided Young Lasallians with an opportunity to meet one another and learn about future gatherings. Several Brothers were also present.

Chris Fay, Marcello Donato, and Shawn Morgan, all from Christian Brothers High School in Memphis.

Dan Dowling (DLSI, Chicago), Bro. Larry Schatz, Bro. George Van Grieken (SF), and Saul Martinez (Martin de Porres, New York)

Young Lasallians from around the Region enjoying hors d’oeuvres and conversation.



On August 20, the Brothers of the Winona area gathered for a meeting to discuss their present and future together. Brothers Frank Carr and Larry Schatz were present to facilitate the day, held at the Alverna Center in Winona. Brother William Mann, SMU President, hosted a dinner at his residence Friday evening.

Pictured in the photo are: (back row) Bros. John Grover, Bill Mann, Pat Conway, Ed Everett, Paul Grass, Damian Steger, Arnold McMullen, Larry Humphrey, Rod Robertson, Ed Siderewicz, Stephen Rusyn, Pat Craine; (front) Brothers Eugenio, Andrea, and Alessandro (visiting from Italy), Bros. Finbar McMullen, Charlie Burke, Larry Schatz, Frank Carr, Frank Walsh, and Marty Spellman (accompanying the Italian Brothers, who were  visiting SMU) Not pictured are Brothers Richard Gerlach, Tom Houde,  and Jerome Rademacher.