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CIL on Vocations week 4

Posted by: admin in: ● November 24, 2013

Br. Arian from the Philippines facilitated and presented this week. He was amazing both in sharing the vocation efforts of our Brothers and Lasallians in the Philippines and in helping us highlight the efforts throughout the world. Cultures are so different, approaches vary, but in the end our joys, frustrations, challenges and blessings are very […]

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CIL on Vocations Week 3

Posted by: admin in: ● November 13, 2013

I never cease to be amazed at how one commitment leads to another and how the unexpected seems to become the norm. Here I am writing to you from the Eternal City, Rome, on what would have been the the 92nd anniversary of my mother’s birth, surrounded by my Brothers from all over the world. There are 49 of […]

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CIL on Vocations Week 2

Posted by: admin in: ● November 5, 2013

Here we are at CIL in Week Two. In this international setting (Brothers and associates here from all over the world), we spend each day hearing lectures on topics related to  vocations and do some small group work.  We also pray and plan liturgies.  There is a time for fun such as our Halloween party and our trip to Assisi.  […]

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CIL on Vocations in Rome

Posted by: admin in: ● November 4, 2013

Sixty-seven Lasallians, 56 Brothers and 11 partners, are gathered in Rome at the Generalate for a two-week CIL session with the topic of Pastoral Ministry for Vocations.  Thirty- eight districts are represented. Most of the Brothers will remain for an additional three weeks to continue the discussions. During the first week there have been two […]

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CIL Update

Posted by: admin in: ● November 16, 2010

We are now into Week 2 of CIL.  Last week we spent a great deal of time getting to know each other as well as getting an overview of what we would be doing for the next two to four weeks.  This week we are getting into the “meat” of the matter.  On Monday, Brother […]

First Week at CIL on Lasallian Association

Posted by: admin in: ● November 15, 2010

On Saturday, we went to Saint Peter’s Plaza and Basilica.  My first reactions was that is looked bigger on TV and it did largely because there were no points of reference for comparison at the time.  There were few people or other things to give a sense of the scale of the place.  We went […]

CIL Session Begins in Rome

Posted by: admin in: ● November 9, 2010

The Midwest District’s CIL participants join a group of 78 brothers and partners from around the Institute to focus on Circular 461– “Associated for the Lasallian Mission …an act of HOPE.”  Participant Dr. Roxanne Eubank shares this about her experience so far: “Today (day two, Tuesday, November 9, 2010)– we started to really delve into […]

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