Mission Congress II. Called to Transform Lives

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On Tuesday July 17, 2013, 51 delegates arrived at Lewis University to participate in a legislative session which will set the strategic direction for the Midwest District for the next several years. They were members of the District Leadership Team, District Council, and Lasallian Mission Council as well as representatives from the 32 ministries that make up the Midwest District. They were Brothers, lay men, and lay women

We gathered to engage one another in a conversation about the needs and concerns of the Midwest District. We came to discuss, to argue, to challenge, encourage and inspire.
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The purpose was to prioritize concerns and draft resolutions that could be developed into an action plan for our District.

This was a historic moment for our District in which we affirmed the commitment of Brothers and Lay Partners to live out the charism handed down to us over 300 years ago by De La Salle and the first Brothers of the Christian Schools … to give a human and Christian education to young, especially the poor.

As we listened to the various small groups, we witnessed passionate conversations and lively discussions about our vocation, the future of the District, and the work that needs to be done.
MCII Planning Co-Chairpersons

We were struck by the zeal and fervor of the participants. We were reminded of our Founder and the early Brothers meeting to decide how best to conduct their schools and support one another. We were reminded of how he struggled to find God’s will in the day to day events of the ministries, just as we do today. We think De La Salle and the early Brothers would be proud of the work we have continued to do in their name.


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