May 15, 2013

Dear Lasallians of the Midwest District,

Two weeks ago, I was on a Lasallian Pilgrimage in France with fellow trustees of SMUĀ  and one of the places we stopped to visit was the cathedral in Reims, the Founder’s hometown. Inside the cathedral is a shrine to the Founder with a statue of him, that admittedly is not my favorite representation of him. However, with all of you in mind, I did choose a green vigil light and placed it at the feet of the Founder and said a special prayer forĀ  you. I wanted you to know that you were remembered and prayed for with much gratitude in the very cathedral where young Jean-Baptiste de La Salle began as a canon so many years ago.


As you know, this week and last, 140 delegates from around the world are gathered in Rome for the Second International Assembly. This global group of dedicated Lasallians are meeting to help move our great and noble Lasallian mission forward into a world that is constantly and almost breathlessly evolving. How do we as Lasallians continue to meet the enormous challenges that face young people? How do we stay true to our roots and best serve the poor while remaining good stewards? How do we celebrate and continue to collaborate on all that unites us as Lasallians? Please keep these delegates in your prayers.

I want to wish you and everyone in your ministry and community a splendid Founders Day. And I want to thank each and every one of you for all you do for those entrusted to your care and for those with whom you share community. We are all in this together and are stronger because of it!

Live Jesus in our hearts…

And wishing you the blessing of extra faith and zeal on Founders Day!

Bro. Larry




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