CBHS Performs Brother Vincent Mass

Our choral and band directors took on the project of arranging some of Br. Vince Malham’s music for our band and chorus with the intention of using the music at school liturgies. When they scheduled the Premier, it is coincidentally the 5th anniversary of Bro. Vince’s death. It will be at St. Peter’s in downtown Memphis which is staffed by the Dominicans. They hosted the Brothers when they arrived in Memphis in 1871 since the original location of CBHS is a few blocks down the street from the parish.

The concert is on Thursday, May 2nd at 7:30 pm CST. It will be streamed over the internet so out-of-town friends of Bro. Vincent can watch through the CBHS.ORG website.

Br. Chris Englert FSC, President
Christian Brothers High School

bro vincent adv.


2 thoughts on “CBHS Performs Brother Vincent Mass

  1. Jim Enright

    Wish I could be there. When I was in Glencoe, so much of the music at Mass was by Vincent. Beautiful harmonies, uplifting text, what more could you want? A tragic loss for the District. I will be listening on the web.

    Jim Enright, Dallas

  2. ed mcmenamin

    I was in Glencoe for my junior and senior year at the Juniorate, and was in the glee club as a 1st bass both years….Brother Vincent was a great guy, loved jazz, and was an excellent teacher….i so enjoyed the trips we did to memphis,little rock, and his home town in arkansas,,,and then a trip up to the twin cities….a very special time in my life….he was a an inspirational teacher….still remember singing Elijah Rock, the Music Man,,,How to Succeed in Business. ….and then in senior year some kind of ghost spirits broadway thing where we did levitation and stuff….a great time….ciao to all….

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