Stories of Hope La Salle 254 English

The story of the Brothers of the Christian Schools in association has a long history and tradition. What does exist is a kaleidoscope of experiences lived out in various countries and cultures pointing to new directions for the future. Circular #461

Instituto de los Hermanos de las Escuelas Cristianas
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2 thoughts on “Stories of Hope La Salle 254 English

  1. Bro. Larry

    How wonderful to see such a variety of Lasallians from around the globe, and especially our own District representatives.

  2. Cheryl Garrigan

    Throughout the video I found myself answering the questions in my mind. When the video was over my first response was to identify myself as Lasallian, to consider my ministry here at the Provincial Office and to forward this video to my family that they would understand more clearly the heart of my work here.

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