New Superintendent of Lasallian Education

Brothers and Lasallians,

I have good news to share with you: Dr. Scott Kier is the new Superintendent of Lasallian Education for the Midwest District.

Scott is currently the Dean of Students at Saint Mary’s College in California and recently completed his doctorate in Educational Leadership at USF. Scott has been serving in Lasallian ministries for the past 23 years. Prior to SMC, he served as CFO at St. Joseph’s Collegiate High School in Buffalo, NY, and Vice Principal at De La Salle Collegiate in Warren, MI. Scott has participated in both the LLI and Buttimer Institute.

Although this new District position is similar to the Director of Education position previously held by Brother Kevin Convey, it also has some differences. As Superintendent of Lasallian Education for the Midwest District, some of Scott’s responsibilities include:

• Working closely with the Lasallian Mission Council and helping to advance the District Strategic Plan

• Making formal and informal visits to the District ministries

• Overseeing the seventeen governed Lasallian ministries for which the District holds reserve powers

• Accompanying the twelve Associated Lasallian Ministries for which the District holds no reserve powers

• Representing or serving as liaison for the District on Regional and International Councils as requested by the Visitor

• Training, monitoring, and assessing the District representatives on ministry boards.

• Managing the District Lasallian Mission annual budget.

• Strengthening communication in all forms across the District.

Scott will be joining the District Administrative Team in early June and will be present for both the High School Chief Administrators meeting in June as well as the Mission Congress in July.

A special thanks to those Lasallians who served on the interviewing committee: Diane Brown, Dave Hotek, Bro. Michael Quirk, and Kurt Schackmuth. Thanks also to the Lasallian Mission Council in helping to define this position and assess the candidates.

We welcome Scott to the Midwest District!

Bro. Larry Schatz, FSC
Provincial/Brother Visitor
Christian Brothers of the Midwest


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