March for Life 2013

I have gone on the March for Life a number of years now (I think this was my seventh march, if memory serves), going back through high school, college, and now as a teacher at CBC.


On my first march, as a freshman in high school, I was blown away by the sheer number of people who marched.  I saw Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Muslims, and even atheists rallying together for a common cause (perhaps one of the few causes on which all of us would agree), and I was extremely moved by such a show of solidarity.  I am still moved after all these years, although something else has struck me these past few years.  As I reflect on the March for Life in light of our Lasallian charism it strikes me how essential to our mission as Lasallians the sanctity of all human life truly is.  After all, what moved our Founder and his Brothers to action if not the recognition that each and every human life is sacred and worthwhile?


De La Salle showed us that everything we do in his name (i.e., as Lasallians) is and must be animated by the firm belief that all people, especially children who are unloved and unwanted by many, deserve a chance at life, both here in this world and at eternal life in the next.  De La Salle shows us what it is to be truly and radically pro-life, not just in name, but in action as well.


God Bless,

Mr. Tom Eichwald
Christian Brothers College H.S.
1850 De La Salle Drive
St. Louis, MO


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