December 15. Saturday of the Second Week

God will dry all tears

  Shepherd of Israel, listen …. From your throne upon the
cherubim reveal yourself  Psalm 80:2AC

During Easter thirty-three years ago, I was dead tired. I had been giving retreats all over the archdiocese of Los Angeles. I felt drained of inspiration. It was difficult to put one foot in front of the other. God seemed distant. Then I attended Easter Liturgy at a Russian Catholic Church from nine at night to four o’clock Easter morning. The Eastern chant lulled me into a state of rest. Then when all the lights were turned on in the darkened church to celebrate the moment of resurrection, people started to shout, “Christ is risen, he is risen indeed!” Light glittered from the scores of gold icons lining the wall. Victorious chant celebrating the triumph of Christ filled my ear. It was as if I saw the light of heaven shining forth, and I was refreshed.
In glory, God will dry all tears, restore all losses, and fill us with consolation. In glory, he transforms huge loss into huge triumph. We may fear death, but if we die into God’s love, our death is being born into a magnificence in which all things are made new.
Glory is the shimmering New Jerusalem, which descends from heaven, lit by the light of the lamb as all tears are wiped away forever.
Glory is a tear shed in a moment of awe.

 * * * * * * * * * *

DAILY ACTION   Can you think of a favorite Scripture that tells of God’s glory? Find it, read it slowly, and savor it.

O Lord, you live in unfathomable glory;
thank you for shining forth in Jesus
and making glory touchable.

From: Advent 2012. Reflections, practices, and prayers for every day of Advent. GLIMPSING THE GLORY by Deacon Eddie Ensley. Twenty Third Publications.


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