December 4. Tuesday of the First Week

Waiting on the tiptoes with awe

Then the wolf shall be a guest of the lamb, and the leopard shall
lie down with the kid… with a little child to guide them. Isaiah 11:6

People who work in hospice care sometimes witness extraordinary things as patients near death. One hospice nurse told me about an eighty-year-old man who, an hour before he died, lifted his arms out in a welcoming gesture and mumbled, “The angels are there.” My friend and pastor Fr. Gerry Schreck tells a similar story of his own father. At times we glimpse the glory -maybe not always as vividly as the man in the hospital room, but real nonetheless -of the time all tings will be brought together in the new creation
We wait on tiptoes for Christ’s coming glory. After hostility there will be forgiveness; after estrangement, reconciliation; after oppression and dehumanization, justice; after death, homecoming and resurrection.
In the coming of Jesus Christ, future glory broke into the present.
The Lord is the calm weather after the storm; he enfolds the universe in his tender mercy. It is, as theologian Karl Barth put it, “the glory of God investing the whole creation… of every time and place with unspotted and imperishable glory.”


DAILY PRACTICE  On a sheet of paper write out how you can manifest this newness Christ brings in your daily life.

Dear Lord, give us a taste of your
coming glory so that we may brighten
this world in which we live.

From: Advent 2012. Reflections, practices, and prayers for every day of Advent. GLIMPSING THE GLORY by Deacon Eddie Ensley. Twenty Third Publications.


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