Visits to La Salle HS and San Miguel Chicago

Bro. Mark with our La Salle Tour Guides: Jake, Eric, Brett, and Yonathan

Last year, Brother Mark and I weren’t able to make it to all the ministries, so we are playing “catch-up” this fall. We visited Saint Mary’s Press in August and this past week took us to La Salle High School in Cincinnati and San Miguel in Chicago. We visited La Salle on Wednesday, September 28, and were treated to a very full but enriching day. It was Spirit Week, so on the day we visited the La Salle boys were dressed in the outfits of some of their favorite sports heroes.

Here we are with a group of senior leaders watching a video one of them had made

The Brothers have been gone from La Salle for almost 20 years, but thanks to the tireless efforts of Principal Tom Luebbe and his dedicated staff, the Lasallian charism is thriving in Cincinnati. Three years ago, La Salle inaugurated a unique program called the De La Salle Signum Fidei Institute, which is essentially a leadership training program that centers around eight specific “foundations” or “houses”, a la Harry Potter.

A few of the flags of the DLSFI; each Foundation is named after someone from Lasallian history

Three current Brothers from our District are grads of La Salle and are featured on the walls of the school: Brothers Michael Fehrenbach, Richard Merkel, and Chris Englert. (where’s your high school photo, Mike?):

Bro. Mike (Chicago)

Bro. Chris (Memphis)









Bro. Rich (Tulsa)

The Regional Brand is also very prominent around the school. The design below is a great representation of the brand—well-done, Lancers!

Friday, September 28, took us to San Miguel in the Back of the Yards neighborhood of Chicago, where they have been since 1995. We gathered with the entire staff at the start of the day and each of them shared their story about what brought them to San Miguel and what “Lasallian” means to them. The sharing was rich, and so many of the stories were intertwined. After that I got a tour of the school from two eighth graders:

Nayeli and Lorenzo, my tour guides.

We then met with a group of sixth graders and then a group of eighth graders just to talk with them about their experiences at San Miguel. It’s very clear they love the place, and many of them have siblings that are either enrolled or graduated from San Miguel. We ended the day having a delicious homemade lunch with four mothers who expressed their heartfelt gratitude for San Miguel and all that it is doing for their children.

Principal Tad Smith and Brother Mark with the sixth graders.

San Miguel eighth graders

A special thanks to Tom Luebbe at La Salle and to Phil Jimenez at San Miguel for coordinating our visits to their respective campuses and for making both days so rewarding.

-Bro. Larry


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