A Night to Remember

On April 14th the St. Gabriel Mercy Center in Mound Bayou, MS, hosted “A Night to Remember,” in honor of Ms. Ida Chatman and Brother Pius Kamphefner. Sister Donald Mary Lynch, RSM, Executive Director, spearheaded the event and made arrangements for Brother Pius to attend at the Mound Bayou Facility Building. A couple of staff members from The Highlands of Memphis drove him to the celebration. Brother Chris Englert and Brother Alan Parham drove down to celebrate with him.┬áThe event was a great success, and Brother Pius insisted on giving a talk. One young lady that he had encouraged over the years flew in from New York where she is now a dentist. Sister Donald Mary said that Brother Pius was touched by the event, and especially by the people who attended just to see him once again. Congratulations, Brother Pius.


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