First Meeting of Lasallian Mission Council

Members of the new Lasallian Mission Council

The inaugural meeting of the Lasallian Mission Council occurred on September 29 and 30 at the District Office in Burr Ridge. This group replaces the Mission and Ministry Council and will take greater responsibility for overseeing the Lasallian Mission in the District. All the members of the MMC have agreed to serve as provisional members for one year to ensure a continuity between the work of the MMC and the new LMC, plus several new members have been added. The Lasallian Mission Council is scheduled to meet six times this year and is designed to be more deliberately representative of the various District ministries.

LMC Members met in committees during part of the meeting.

The members of the Lasallian Mission Council for this year are: Br. Chris Englert, Dr. Roxanne Eubank, Patricia Freire, Dave Hotek, Barry Lieske, Dr. Evelyn McDonald, Jerome Meeds, Ann Merchlewitz, Frank Miley, Dr. Jeanette Mines, Maryann O’Neill, Br. Dave Poos, Br. Mike Quirk, Dr. Stephany Schlachter, Tad Smith, and Brothers Larry Schatz and Mark Snodgrass. Bro. Mark chaired this meeting of the LMC. The next meeting is November 3-4.



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