Tuesday, April 5

The reading from the prophet Ezekiel is all about the abundance of God’s blessings.  For those of us who have lived through a drought or lived in a desert, we know that water is the source of life.  The prophet describes a source of water so abundant that it can turn the sea into a huge body of fresh water teaming with life.  The source of the water is so abundant that it can provide unlimited water and food, more than enough for everyone who ever was or will ever be.  It is an impossible, unbelievable abundance in which we have faith.
John lets us know that this impossible, unbelievable, unlimited source of life is ours without cost.  We are the branches attached to the true vine, the source of life, sent by our Father.  We are attached to the source of life by God’s abundant grace.  We didn’t have to ask or jump through any hoops.  God just gave it to us.
Now, how will we respond?
How will we use this unlimited source of life?
Will we doubt the abundance or will we embrace it?
Will we let it flow though us to give an abundance of life to others?
As Lasallian ministers we were called by Jesus so that “… my joy might be in you and your joy might be complete.”  We are invited “… to love one another as I have loved you.”  We are good news when we trust God’s abundance and believe in our own.  God will not abandon us.  God’s love is unlimited and ours can be as well if we go to God in reflection and prayer to grow in trust and ask for all we need to be his abundant love in the lives of those to whom we minister.

Bro. Mark Snodgrass, Principal
De La Salle Elementary, Memphis, TN


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