Week 2: Red Light, Green Light.

Red Light, Green Light.   A child’s game.   Not quite stick and hoop but definitely not VR.   One had to get from the beginning to the end only moving when green light was called.  Red light meant stop.   You could try to cheat inch by inch on red light but if caught you went back to the beginning.   Balance was everything: move, rest, move, rest.  

Sunday’s gospel was the story of the Transfiguration.   Jesus on the mountain with Peter, James, and John when he is transfigured and seen talking with Moses and Elijah.   The apostles want to set up tents basically staying there for a long time.   God says Jesus is my beloved son, listen to him.   The apostles freak out and fall down.   When they look up only Jesus remains and they walk back down.   Not exactly A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Seurat.

De La Salle wrote to his brothers:  “The three Apostles who accompanied Jesus Christ on Mount Tabor lacked this balance. Unfamiliar with God’s ways, they were more eager to prolong the delight they were enjoying in this mystery [known as consolation]  than to contemplate God’s greatness and goodness. As a result, the exterior glory of Jesus Christ vanished in a moment and disappeared from their sight.  That is God’s way. He deprives us of the sensible pleasure found in consolation when we are too attached to it and enjoy it with too much self-satisfaction.”   Enjoy the weekend but remember Monday is just around the corner.

Which leads me back to Red Light/Green Light.   In this Lenten season can we be balanced – present to each moment and the significance it brings?   Not sneaking more time capturing a specific event and setting up tents but being truly present: to my students, my family, myself, the world’s splendor, God – listening to Jesus as He speaks to us.  God loves all of us – we just need to listen and with that God gives us a green light.


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