Day One: Chiquimula

Posted by: admin in: ● May 24, 2010

Hi Folks,

We just completed our first day in Chiquimula, where we are staying with the Brothers and we visited La Salle School this morning.

After that we took a short trip to Esquipulas where we attended mass and toured the Benedictine Monastery…then had lunch. Esquipulas is the most important pilgrimage site in Central America. Tomorrow we hope to go to Copan, an important Mayan site.

The weather is quite hot and humid here and it takes its toll on all of us, but particularly “los jovenes”(the young ones!).

Know that we think of you often and really appreciate your supoort and prayers.

Your Favorite Brother (Sort of) – Pat


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1 | Cheryl

25 de May de 2010 to ● 8:32 am

Brother Pat, This is amazing. The blog with the photos conveys a real experience. I am kicking myself for not including this opportunity in the recent issue of “Partners.” I have never had much faith in our web site and was always reluctant to send people to it but this is so compelling and engaging that I wish everyone who read the LTIP Update in “Partners” would know to log on and leave you a message, or at least read yours. Can you imagine over 10,000 messages and if they all donated $10 … the possibilities are endless. Stay well and keep blogging. Cheryl

2 | Brother David Poos

25 de May de 2010 to ● 8:46 pm

YO, Pat! Hope you are surviving the heat. Looks pretty neat. Hope all is going well. Give my regards to the group. Take care!

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