Lasallian Pilgrimage: Day 4

Day 4
Wednesday, September 25

Br. Larry Schatz, FSC

At this halfway point in our pilgrimage, it seems appropriate to pause and take stock of what we have experienced thus far. With that in mind, we spent the bulk of the day at a Benedictine monastery a little ways outside of Reims, called St. Thierry. On our way to the monastery we stopped by Lycèe Saint-Jean-Baptiste-De La Salle, a sort of high school-community college with a focus on technical skills. One of their specialities, for instance, is television production. Until recent times, they were the only Catholic school in France with a full video production capability. We were given a tour of their facilities and as we left, we posed with students for a photo. It’s always good to see and interact with students as a living reminder of our Lasallian mission.

By late morning we arrived at the monastery and the sisters greeted us with typical Benedictine hospitality. Before heading to noon mass with the community, Bro. Michael, our retreat coordinator, oriented us to the retreat. We were all presented with a retreat guide and invited into silence for the rest of our time together. The abbey grounds are lovely and historic, and afforded all of us a lot of natural space to meditate and pray. At 4:30 we reconvened to share what touched us during our several hours of silence, and at 5:30 we joined the sisters for prayer in the chapel. We left after dinner and headed back to our hotel for our final night in Reims. Tomorrow, it’s off to Paris for the next phase of our Lasallian Pilgrimage.

Steve and Debbie at the Lycèe
With the students
Founder’s window in the school chapel
Our group with the Founder’s statue at the entrance to the Lycèe
Retreat orientation
Quiet time
Entering the Monastery of St. Thierry

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