Lasallian Pilgrimage: Day 1

Sunday, September 22, 2019
Day One
Br. Larry Schatz, FSC

We just got back from a delicious opening dinner a few blocks from our hotel. Somehow we all made it to Reims, and we are just getting to know one another as a group. The prize for having come the furthest goes to Carl from Hong Kong (the LEAD District). Everyone else either came from the Midwest District or is with us because of their connection to it. There are 23 of us, plus our tour guide Pablo and tour coordinator Debbie.

The whole idea of the tercentenary pilgrimage is to trace the footsteps of the Founder chronologically, so with that in mind, we began today with a visit to the Founder’s first home, now known as Hotel de la Salle. (By the way, hotel in French does not mean the same as hotel in English, so, no, you can’t stay there). The Brothers who reside there were kind enough to offer us a guided tour of the house. We broke into two groups and were given a very thorough and creative tour through the Founder’s boyhood home and his life. It was a great intro to our week together. We followed that with dinner.

This may sound like a rather skimpy first day, but keep in mind that at least half of the group arrived this morning, so jet lag was a key factor. That, plus the bus from Paris carrying most of us arrived in Reims about 3:00pm, so people needed time to settle in a bit.

Tomorrow will be a busy day, so here’s hoping everyone gets a good night’s sleep. Dormez bien!

Pilgrims waiting for the others at the Paris airport

Visiting Hotel De La Salle

Opening Dinner at Brasserie Excelsior


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