Heading Home

So, the 2018 Intercapitular Meeting is now history. I’m writing this in the Newark Airport where I am with Brothers Bede and Michael as we await our connecting flight to O’Hare. Our last two days were filled with lots of sharing of both ideas and programs. We spent Friday morning on a creative and enjoyable activity called “Marketplace.” It involved each District identifying both Beyond the Border and Tercentenary (2019) activities and ideas and writing them on the windows of the main hallway to the Chapel. (no worries; we used white board markers!) Then, we all walked around and exchanged questions and ideas and suggestions. We were all reminded of the vast array of Lasallian opportunities we have on all five continents.

Saturday was our final day, and we began by sharing ideas on both themes and processes for the 46th General Chapter. A preparatory commission will be set up next year to begin the planning, so all that we shared will help, along with electronic surveys we completed while in session. Bob, our Superior General, delivered his closing remarks; one comment that stuck with me is when he said:  “Brothers, our communities and educational centers offer a welcoming, non-judgmental space where young people can explore questions about the spiritual life.  They are spaces where we can invite young men to become Brothers and women and men to live the fullness of their vocations!”

He also pointed out that while we were meeting for these past two weeks, a new Lasallian school opened in Rumbek in South Sudan. Ever onward! We ended at noon with a closing prayer service in the main Chapel, followed by a very festive meal.

Since Saturday also happened to be St. Patrick’s Day, Pat Duffy hosted a party in the Den Saturday evening, and we all enjoyed the food, drink, singing, and camaraderie. It was a wonderful way to wrap up a rather rigorous but also very inspiring two weeks. We are, as the IC theme proclaims: “On the Way.”


St Patrick’s Day

Bros Michael, Bob, and Shazad.

General Councilor Ricky Laguda


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