Bro. Jim Has Joined Us

Bro. Jim Krause arrived here yesterday and he rented a van from Guatemala city, so today we did a tour of the city on foot and then drove to “The Hill of the Cross”, which provides a great vantage point to see Antigua.

Yesterday, the six of us also graduated from the SCA, our language school. I’d like to post more photos, but internet service is sketchy and photos take forever (siempre) to load. Tomorrow we climb the volcano and then head for Chiquimula.

Bro. Larry


3 thoughts on “Bro. Jim Has Joined Us

  1. Kelly Gibbons

    Hola LTIP’ers,

    Enjoy the view from the volcano, hoping all goes well for you in the next couple weeks. It’s nice to hear from everyone… I would imagine Cullen will be putting his two cents worth in soon? Grandma Dee is hanging in there, possibly waiting for his return.

    God Bless

    Kelly & Jo

  2. Kathy Delwiche

    I love seeing the big smiles on all of your faces! It has been so nice to be able to read about your experiences this past week. We have shared the blog with many friends and family and I know they have enjoyed it as well. Keep smiling and share your wonderful Lasallian mission with all those you meet.

  3. Russ and Mary

    We miss you! Jon, we were inspired by your remarks and know that the Spirit shares the greatest gifts in times and places of ambiguity. We admire the courage and love that you are all sharing with everyone you meet.
    We are following you on Google Earth!….it will be great to see your photos when you return. This coming week in MN the weather forecast is for 90s and humid….we will be in solidarity with you! ..kinda….especially if Russ leaves the air conditioner OFF!
    We continue to keep you in our prayers!
    Russ and Mary

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