Intercapitular 2018: Day 9

We’re beginning to wind down after a pretty rigorous week of presentations, reflection, and meetings, framed by prayer and daily mass. We end Saturday noon, and most of us are heading out Sunday.

A couple highlights from the last few days include an opportunity to meet the 20 university students here for the semester. The six Lasallian universities in RELAN have been planning a “Rome semester” for quite some time. It has finally come to fruition, thanks to lots of people, but especially Dr. Dominic Colonna from Lewis University. I caught up with him for dinner Tuesday night to find out how the program is going. All three of our District universities have participants here. We agreed to have the students stop in to one of our sessions on Thursday to be introduced and explain a bit about this “pioneer” experience.  I think it was good for all of us capitulants to actually see, as Brother Aidan said, the “real faces of Lasallian education”. As part of their semester program, they are headed to Assisi for the weekend. We all hope this will be the first of many such semesters here at the Generalate, and involving many more of our universities around the world.

Thursday evening, our District went out for dinner and invited Brother Florent, Visitor of Canada Francophone, to join us, since he is the sole rep of his District. It was a very pleasant evening at a local restaurant.

Brother Rodolfo, Postulator General, reminded me that next Tuesday, March 20, is when the nine Vatican theologians gather to decide the cause of Brother Jim Miller’s beatification. We should know by the end of that day. Let’s keep our hands folded and our fingers crossed; Blessed Brother James Miller has a very nice ring to it.

Ciao for now.

The Lasallian university students being introduced to the capitulants; Dr. Colonna is on the dais, far right.

The group photo which included capitulants, plus Generalate staff.

Dinner out

A display on Bro. James Miller: oremus!



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