Intercapitular 2018 is off and running!

It began this morning in the newly renovated—and quite handsome—“Aula Magna” or Great Hall, where all our sessions will be held. Brother Bob Schieler, our Superior General, began with an address that I found very stirring and inspiring: the quote that sticks with me is:

“We are the principal Brothers responsible for the vision and direction of the Institute. During these two weeks, we are ‘a community of faith in which we share  our experience of God, encountered in daily commitments and in listening to the Word of God, in personal and community prayer, in reading the signs of the times and in the discernment of the will God’ (Rule: 46).”

After a morning break, we assembled by Regions in various locales of the generalate and began our prayer in Regional Groups and then came together in the main Chapel for our opening prayer ritual. We were to gather outside around the “Parmenie altar”, but it was raining. As a symbol of the Intercapitular, we were each given a ceramic LaSalle star, created by students from a school in Sicily. The theme for the IC in the three Institute languages is: “En Camino/En Route/On the Way”.

This afternoon, Alicia Macksey, Chair of CIAMEL, will be presenting along with several other secretariats and services. Mass at 6:30, followed by social, and dinner at 7:30.

Last evening as I sat in the English-speaking “Den” at a pre-dinner social, I gazed around the room and marveled at the variety of cultures present: Brother Damien from Ireland, Brother Paul from Singapore, Brother Ghebres from Kenya, and Brother Florent from Canada, along with several others from around the globe—and these are just the “Anglophones”! It is a blessing to be reawakened to the global reality of our Institute.

Socializing in The Den

Our RELAN group

Our “souvenir” star

Brothers from RELAF entering “en route”

The “new” Aula Magna


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