Women of Zeal – The Ongoing Story (Part 2)

“How long has Jesus been knocking at the door of your heart, waiting to enter?” – De La Salle

Our afternoon on this first day together, included four workshops facilitated by group leaders from different places and ministries. These sessions centered around key questions:

  1. What are the current realities and experiences of Lasallian women?
  2. How do we create opportunities to give voice to Lasallian women?
  3. How do we foster global relationships?
  4. Imagine the Institute in 20 years’ time – what will the Lasallian women’s vocation look like?

All voices were heard and we shared the ways in which we empower one another in different parts of the world and grapple with some of the same questions no matter where we go. Like the women we talked about in our morning session – we must be open to the spirit and listen to the call to be the change makers where we live, bringing light to the darkness and calm where there is chaos.

In each of our sessions, we recorded thoughts and suggestions for change. The entire group then had the opportunity to prioritize their four top challenges for change.

There is power in listening because you honor the needs of others by truly hearing what they need.  We listen to learn, to erase assumptions, to nurture the other, to uphold human dignity, to bring peace, to connect and to grow. We shall build relationships globally to empower all communities of the world to live justly, act tenderly and walk humbly in our shared mission.

In these moments throughout the day we shared an energy and a closeness so we no longer felt like manuhiri (visitors) but whanau (an extended family)!  We shared a beautiful meal of Salmon and vegetables, conversation and sweets before taking some walk about time and turning in.

Kia ora (blessings of the day)!




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