Visitors Meeting in Rome: Day 1

And away we go….. Our Superior General and his Council have summoned “experienced” Visitors to the Generalate for a “eye-wide-open” assessment of where our beloved Institute is at this historical moment. Here is our official logo:


Not quite sure what it implies, but it seems that perhaps we are a bit “off-kilter”. However, we are all here to help guide this Lasallian vessel, so I suspect we’ll be fine.


I was struck by the fact that Brother Robert referred to us as “the Principal Brothers” in his morning address. He recalled the famous Letter of 1714 to the Founder authored by the Principal Brothers. What I like is the fact that we are referred to as Principal Brothers because we are gathered here together as “seasoned leaders”; it is due to the fact that  we are convening “together and by association” as District leaders at this moment in time that it makes sense to use that rather hallowed designation.

So we spent this first day reacting to Brother Robert’s opening remarks which were a combination of impressions and concerns gathered from the first two years of the current General Council’s term. We also discussed in small groups how our Districts have responded to the Propositions of the 45th general Chapter.

IMG_2248 IMG_2253

It was a good beginning with a manageable schedule that will be pretty consistent from day to day. It’s also nice to be here with friends from the Midwest District—Roxanne, Mary Fox, and Bro. Michael French—who are here preparing for the IALU session which begins Monday.

And no, dear reader, I didn’t mind giving up my Memorial Day to be here for a full first day: at your service and that of the whole diverse Institute—and glad to be so!


Ciao for now.




2 thoughts on “Visitors Meeting in Rome: Day 1

  1. Maryann Donohue-Lynch

    Greetings from DENA! Thanks for the update. Please know that the Lasallian family is holding your meeting in prayer. Greetings to all -especially our Visitor! Enjoy the gelato!

  2. Mary Fox

    Wonderful reading, Brother – thanks, as always, for keeping us in the loop! Great bring with you in “our house.”

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