Manila, Day 1


Before lunch on Thursday, I got a tour of the Brothers Residence and we met Brother Simon from Vietnam. Some of the scholastics insisted on a photo, since the three of us formed quite the trio of heights!


After lunch, Brother Michael led us on a thorough tour of De La Salle University, a very impressive place. We ended up in the president’s office, where former president and prominent Lasallian Partner Carmelita Quebengco provided me with a detailed and helpful explanation of the Lasallian East Asia District and its ministries.

Brother Marty and I with Lita Quebengco.

Brother Marty and I with Lita Quebengco.

A sobering moment on our tour occurred when we visited the main chapel at DLSU, where 16 Brothers, a Redemptorist, and several lay people were slaughtered by the Japanese in 1945. The plaque testifies to their martyrdom.



Many of them were killed right in this main aisle of the chapel.

Later, we joined the District Council of LEAD for a delicious dinner out. It was good to be reunited with some Brothers I already knew from General Chapter (Sockie and Tom Lavin) as well as meeting some new ones.


There is at of pride and spirit on display at DLSU. The color of the Lasallian schools in the Philippines is green, so DLSU is certainly a “green” campus!


IMG_0740 IMG_0758

And finally, a closing shot of Manila Bay in late afternoon.



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