Visiting LEAD (Philippines + Singapore)

Hong Kong Airport

Hong Kong Airport

So, I am officially in Asia for the first time! I survived—thanks to an “economy plus” seat—my 16-hour flight from Chicago to Hong Kong. I had about three hours in the Hong Kong airport, so I walked around a lot trying to recover from sitting for so long. When “what to my wandering eyes should appear” but a jazz combo playing away in this little second-floor café!


It just seemed so incongruous to be in the bustling Hong Kong airport and hear American jazz being played live. I sat down, ordered a beer and just enjoyed the moment.

My flight to Manila was less than two hours long, and I arrived shortly after midnight on Thursday morning. Getting through customs went very quickly and once I retrieved my bag, there was Brother Marty to greet me. By 1:00am we had arrived at De La Salle University, and I was in my room at the Brothers residence. I promptly unpacked and crawled in to bed.

I had a good rest and just finished lunch seated at the same table as Brother Ricky Laguda, General Councilor, the one I had not yet met, since he was not present at the General Chapter.

In the hallway of the Brothers' Residence

In the hallway of the Brothers’ Residence

Soon, I’ll be getting a tour of DLSU. Stay tuned!



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