March 10 – Tuesday of the 3rd Week in Lent

Daniel 3:25,34-43 ●  Matthew 18:21-35

Wrap us in your Wondrous Ways

“We follow you with our whole heart; fearing you still, we want to look upon your face.
“Wrap us in your wondrous ways; restore glory to your name, O Lord.
“Confound those who persecute your servants; break the hold they have on us; shatter their strength against our weakness.
“Let them know you’re the Lord, the one and only God, gloriously reigning over the whole world”

Daniel 3:41,43-45


Remember this about the scriptures: there are always verses for when we need to be challenged and, like the Daniel passage today, there are always sections that speak to our longings. The book of Daniel was written during a time of great suffering and tribulation when Daniel was clear about the people’s need for God. Sometimes the best prayer is simply letting yourself feel the longings within you – the groaning for God to be made more manifest in the world, overturn evil, and fully reign. Such is this prayer passage – an address to God to come, and to come now, because we humans can’t make everything right by ourselves.


Spend a few minutes getting in touch with your deepest longings in your life now. Let your desires speak to God for you.

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