GC45: All About The Rule

One of the highlights of Wednesday was a virtual visit from the General Councilor from PARC, Bro. Ricky Laguda, who is not a capitulant and currently serves as president of De La Salle University in Manila. Thanks to modern technology, Bro. Ricky was able to greet us and share a few words with us.

Bro. Ricky "visits" the Aula Magna.

Bro. Ricky “visits” the Aula Magna.

Knowing that we only have a week left to complete the revision of The Rule, I think everyone is plugging away, wanting to get this formidable task done. My working group is tackling Chapter 6: Formation. It is a long chapter, and we are working in three languages, so it’s a bit tedious. That said, it’s also a great group. Here’s a photo from yesterday:

Our group.

Our working group.

We will begin actually voting on the Rule revisions tomorrow, Saturday. Oh, for those days back a few weeks ago when we actually had Saturdays off! Because time is tight and my group is working “overtime” to get our work done, this will be a brief blog.

Besides the delegates, there are several Brothers serving as “support staff”. For example, every day we vote on the minutes of the previous day’s general sessions. That means that you need three recording secretaries and it also means that they have to meet, compare notes that they have taken, and then translate them into three languages. The secretary for French is Bro. Florent Gaudreault from Canada Francophone, who currently serves in the RELAN Regional Office in Washington, DC. I asked him to share a little on his valuable work as a “minutes-taker”:

“Merci” for all your hard work, Brother!

This week’s social was hosted by PARC (Pacific-Asia), an amzaingly diverse Region. A couple “special” items:

Beer from the Philippines with a special appeal to Lasallians!

Beer from the Philippines with a special appeal to Lasallians!

We were each given a beautiful "PARC" scarf.

We were each given a beautiful “PARC” scarf. (Bros. Alberto, Belayneh, and Diego.)

One of the many contests that were part of the PARC social was a dance contest. It was pretty tricky, and the following video shows why. Bro. Jhonmar, a Young Brother from Venezuela, showed us how:

Bravo, Hermano!

All right, back to work…




3 thoughts on “GC45: All About The Rule

  1. Brother Rihard Geimer

    God Bless You on your dedicated work on the Brothers’ Rule.
    We are looking forward to the revisions and the results of your input.
    We pray that it will be beneficial and meaningful in view of all he intense attention you are putting into it.
    We offer you encouragement.
    Hopefully you will all return refreshed after such a remarkable General Chapter.
    We eagerly await your return.

  2. CG

    A week from Monday the Midwest District is anxious to welcome you home. We pray for you that these last 10 days are truly blessed by the Holy Spirit and all that needs to be done is done. God bless!

  3. Brother Richard Geimer

    Thank you for the dedicated efforts on the rule revision.
    Your perseverance and challenging work is much appreciated.
    Continue to bond with the leaders from the Brothers throughout the world.
    We pray constantly for your success.
    We also eagerly await your return as these days wind down.

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