GC45: Rule Revision Week 1

So, I have to admit that at this point, it really is tough to get energized about the Rule revision. And yet, we have been mandated by the last General Chapter to do this, and the draft we are working on is the culmination of several years of hard work and lots of feedback and rewrites.It’s just that after all the drama and excitement of last week’s election and discussion of proposals, it seems a natural time to bring this all to a close. And yet, in many ways. these last two weeks on the Rule could  have perhaps the most significant impact on the lives of Brothers going forward.

We did begin yesterday (Memorial Day back in the good old USA) with a morning of reflection and part of our time involved an Emmaus walk with someone from another Region on a couple questions we were given. It did help set the tone for the serious work we are undertaking.

_MG_7276_MG_7258One of the Young Brother capitulants is Bro. Anthony from the Lwanga District. Here is his take on the Chapter to date and on the work we are embarking upon today.

Br. Anthony is also one of our scrutineers, so he had a very busy week last week. Thanks, Brother!

As we discussed the many proposals that the seven groups came up with , we eventually vote on each. We do so with an electronic vote. Here is what the “tally board” looks like:

IMG_3107_1098Si=yes, no is obvious, Ast=abstain, JM=Juxta Modum, and Tot=Total. Juxta Modum? Yeah, that’s a rather strange option, isn’t it? It’s Latin for the ability to vote “yes” but with the condition of adding a note to amend or clarify a word or phrase. Frankly, with Google Drive and the ability to do this on-line, I don’t really see a use for it, but it is apparently a popular option because almost inevitably there is one or two JM’s on the tally board. Each time we vote , the scrutineers need to verify the total of voting capitulants. It is generally anywhere from 87-89, depending on who is in or out of the Aula Magna.

IMG_3111_1102Once the total capitulants present for each vote is verified, (as you see above) then the vote tally is displayed. Perhaps this is a bit too too much information, but since we have spent so much time voting in proposals these last few days, I wanted to let you know how that works here in the “Great Hall.”

One of the great blessings of so international a group is the opportunity to encounter various cultures and traditions. We certainly do that once a  week at the Region-sponsored socials, but there are also the informal gatherings like the German Night I’ve been invited to. Those of us with a German background (or close), have gathered twice now for a good, hearty German home-cooked meal here in the Generalate, and then lots of singing, mainly in German. Here’s a great example of the “gemütlichkeit” that happens after our meal (with beer, of course!)

Brothers Nelson, Edgar, and Paulo, all Germans from the Brazil-Chile District. Paulo is also Nelson's uncle.

Brothers Nelson, Edgar, and Paulo, all Germans from the Brazil-Chile District. Paulo is also Nelson’s uncle.

Brother Claude, former two-term General Councilor is also present, of course, and he has a wonderful voice. Here he is displaying his amazing yodeling ability:

Our get-together this past weekend was on the roof of the Motherhouse; it provides a great view of Rome.

You can see the top of St. Peter's dome oin the center; that lets you know we are "uphill" from the Vatican.

You can just see the top of St. Peter’s dome in the center; that lets you know we are “uphill” from the Vatican.

Dusk over the Generalate Chapel.

Dusk over the Generalate Chapel.

So, “alles gut”. Back to The Rule. Please keep Bro. Tom Power in your prayers who passed away over Memorial Day Weekend. He was a resident at Resurrection Life Center.



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  1. CG

    Last week was certainly an “on the edge of your set” kind of week with all the new information being released daily. But as it has become so clear about the ‘ebb and flow’ of the Chapter, and how it works together for good, that the work remaining to be done must require the energy generated by the elections. We look forward to welcoming you home in a little less than 2 weeks. We pray for the continued efforts of the capitulants on behalf of the Institute. Bless each of you and your work.

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