Recreate the Footsteps of the Founder


Join Brother Larry Schatz and Brother Michael French from September 30, 2014-October 12, 2014 for a Pilgrimage to France! The Pilgrimage will involve retracing the footsteps of our Founder and provide a connection between the past of the Brothers and a 21st century understanding of the Mission of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. From Paris, to Reims, and Parmenie, with amazing cathedrals, the Eiffel Tower, a champagne tour, delicious French food, and great company-this is the trip of a lifetime!
For more information, please read over the itinerary provided and contact Trisha at Classic Travel in Winona for more information! Email: or call at (507)-454-7800



2 thoughts on “Recreate the Footsteps of the Founder

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  2. Br. James (Colman) Coogan,


    Interested in pursuing this opportunity. Please keep me posted.


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