Midwest District Chapter: Session I


On November 6-8, 30 Brothers gathered at Techny Towers in Northbrook, Illinois for Session I of the Midwest District Chapter. Session II will occur a year from now; during the “in-between” time, Brothers will engage in conversations around the 25 proposals they drew up during the session. They also drew up a suggested process and timeline for the discussions.

The delegates divided into five theme groups: Aging and Senior Brothers, Community Living, Resources, Formation, and Mission. The Chapter Steering Team chosen once the delegates assembled included Brothers Bill Clarey, Michael French, James Gaffney, Mike O’Hern, and Jim Zullo. Brother Larry Schatz in his role as Visitor presided over the Chapter.

The general consensus is that the time together was very productive and the delegates look forward to engaging the Brothers of the District around the proposals. Thanks to everyone for their prayers!


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