DECEMBER 1 First Sunday of Advent

Profitably busy

“Stay awake.” Matthew 24:42

For most of us, Advent is a busy season. Today’s readings call us not to be busy, but to be profitably busy. Our busyness must count for something. It must make a difference.

Why are we called to be profitably busy each day? Often these readings lead us to think about the Second Coming of Jesus-and they should! Yet, if we mean by the “second coming” that Jesus isn’t really with us now, that he is an outsider to our world and just drops in once in a while, then we are missing something really important.

Every day of our lives, we encounter Jesus in some person, in some situation. We need to “stay awake” to all the ways we meet him. That means that we are called to be profitably busy.

What will that mean for this Advent? Perhaps it will mean slowing down for prayer, paying closer attention to the people in our lives, building an awareness of those in our world who are lonely and suffering, or taking action to reach out to someone whom we might know.

DAILY PRACTICE: Make a resolution that will enable you to be profitably busy during this Advent season.

ADVENT PRAYER: God of the Here and Now, nudge me to notice your Son in the hundreds of ways he is with me. Urge me to ways of being prayerfully, profitably busy.

From: ADVENT 2013. Daily reflections, practices and prayers.
The Promise of Peace. Janet Schaeffler, OP.
Twenty-Third Publications


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