As I observe my niece and her husband respond to, care for, and lovingly watch every move of their firstborn, their precious daughter, I’m very aware of how they look at her. Such a protective, proud, cherishing gaze!

That is how God looks on us! God is enthralled with each of us, as if God is saying, “Look at what I’ve made. How unique, how extraordinary you are!”

We often talk about how we believe in God, but the extravagant promise we have received is that God believes in us. This is the message to remember as we celebrate this Advent/Christmas season: because of God’s incredible love, God became one of us and promised always to be with us, offering benevolent care and shielding protection. What an extravagant promise!

In our culture Advent/Christmas is often a time of extravagance. That’s true for us as disciples of Jesus too-this is a time of extravagant love, extravagant expectations, extravagant promises.

Advent comes with this extravagant promise: when we slow down and live the season, we will discover new realizations about ourselves, new awarenesses of the God who loves us beyond imagining, and new and energizing challenges of what it means to live as God’s holy ones.

May these reflections, daily practices, and Advent prayers help us to rediscover the extravagant promises of our extravagant God.

From: ADVENT 2013. Daily reflections, practices and prayers.
The Promise of Peace. Janet Schaeffler, OP.
Twenty-Third Publications


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