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Who are Young Lasallians?

Young Lasallians are those who are involved in the Lasallian Educational Mission – including both current and former students, Lasallian Volunteers, teachers, faculty and staff, administrators, and young Brothers. These people are looking to further their commitment, possibly in a leadership position, to their inspiration of St. John Baptist de La Salle. This term, Young Lasallian, unites all who are connected to the mission and dedicated to help change and transform the lives of young people, especially the poor, through education.

Young Lasallians is a group of people who were positively affected by their experiences with the Lasallian Educational Mission and are looking to further their connections to it. This particular age is very impactful to creating change and advocating to other young people. The Young Lasallian Movement is international, aiming to support young people on their faith journeys to reach out to those around them and build a better world.

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