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Just a short message. I will be coming home on Aug. 14 for five weeks. The first week I will spend in Sleepy Eye, MN, with family and relatives. My little farming parish of Leavenworth is celebrating its 150th anniversary on Aug. 19-20, including a Mass on the 20th with Bishop LaVoir, a grad. from DLS Minneapolis. I will also get back to Sleepy Eye during my last week before I fly out on Sept. 21. The three weeks in between I will be with the Bros. at the Cretin-Derham community. But have to go home for my 80th birthday, followed by a family reunion on Sept. 2. The Ecce group is meeting on Sept. 9, Hill-Murray is having an open house on Sept. 10, and one of my grand nieces is getting married on Sept. 16. I will be kept busy.
I am kept busy here with my time in the Philippines. This has been a Godsend as I keep occupied in my later years in life. The school is making a video of my work and hopefully it will be ready before I leave on the 14th. Besides my work at the two schools, Araneta and Zobel, I was asked to look at all the science labs in our 16 LaSalle schools here. I started in February and have now covered 13 so far, three to go. Then I hope to place an order for requested equipment for all of these schools. I am also busy with setting up new science labs at Araneta, Laguna, and just finished with our new and second campus for Zobel. A month ago I was asked to consider overlooking the academic programs of the many foreign Brothers studying here, and I accepted the responsibility. This coming year there will be 13 of them. Six of them are living here, and I work with them helping them with their English. Our community has also taken on a small poor school in Thailand, the Bamboo School, and asked me to go there at times and check it out. Not sure yet what that means, but it will happen I guess. They asked me to be the sub-Director of the community some time back, and since the Director is out a lot as the President of the College of St. Benilde, those responsibilities fall on my shoulders. It all sounds like a lot, but it really is not. I am surviving, enjoying, having fun. Couldn’t be better.
Health wise, all is well with me. I had a complete executive physical in mid-April, and all is fine. I still walk 5 to 6 miles each Sat. and Sun. and on other non-school days, keeping my weight down, eating well, although I do love all those unhealthy foods they have here! There will be 33 Brothers in the community this coming year, 17 in our community and 16 in the Scholasticate community. It has been a most inspiring time to be with them. 
Take care, prayers and blessings.

Br. Marty Sellner

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