The “1680 Project”: a coordinated program bringing together resources that will enable each Brother, no matter his age or capacity, to continue to witness his vocation and to participate in District events.

The Center for Lay Lasallian Partners: engaging laypeople more fully in the Lasallian charism or “corporate culture.” Integrating separate lay formation programs to identify and nurture future Lasallian leaders.

Other Naming Opportunities within the Midwest District Provincialate:

The Provincialate Headquarters Building

The Glen at the Provincialate 

Board Room

Brother Visitor’s Office

Lobby – Named for Tom E. McElyea, Fort Worth, TX. 

Alumni Office

Auxiliary Visitor’s Office (2)


Many other named gift opportunities are available to recognize the generosity of our donors. We will be pleased to create a permanent names gift that meets your gifting intentions. 

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