The Lasallian Mission Opportunities Fund (LMOF) was established by the District Council through the combination of the Saint Mary’s Press Lasallian Education Fund, the Brother James Miller Social Justice Fund, and the Matthews-Sullivan Fund. The management of the LMOF was given to the Lasallian Mission Council and new operating principles and application procedures were adopted and approved in January 2016.

The purpose of the LMOF is to grant funding to assist in advancing human and Christian religious education in the Lasallian tradition, especially for the economically poor and socially marginalized, with specific emphasis on youth. Preference will be given to those projects that support the ministries in the Midwest District, promote social justice, and directly serve the financially poor, with specific emphasis on youth.

The online application must be submitted by March 15 for consideration. Grants will be awarded in May. Recipients will be expected to submit a report on their usage of the funds by February 1 of the year following the award.

LMOF Operating Procedures
LMOF Application Instructions
Online Application
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