The motto of the De La Salle Christian Brothers was the inspiration for “Lasallian Days,” a Midwest District program fast becoming a tradition for our alumni and friends across the United States.

Visitor/Provincial Brother Larry Schatz, FSC has already hosted 12 Lasallian Day events this past year and many more are planned for the future. Guests will have the opportunity to hear updates about Vocations, what their favorite Brothers are up to, and news from our local schools!

As a gathering for our Lasallian family, we hope that as many  Lasallians as possible will be in attendance at each Lasallian Day event.

The Schedule of upcoming
Lasallian Day events is listed below:

If you are interested in attending one or more of our Lasallian Days, contact Joanna Wagner
via email at or by phone at 630-323-3725, ext. 220.

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