The Brothers and the Midwest District Provincialate will be pleased to provide special recognition to those donors whose annual leadership gifts enable the following:

  • One year’s support of a Novice at the Novitiate in Chicago

  • One year’s support for a Postulant at Jeremy House in Philadelphia

  • A year’s support of a fully retired Brother

  • A year’s support for a Brother in nursing care

  • Sponsorship of the annual District Day gathering

                    – Of the Jubilee Mass

                    – Of the Jubilee Dinner celebration

  • Underwriting support for the Brothers’ Holy Week Triduum retreat

  • Sponsorship for Young Lasallians to travel to the annual Huether Educational Conference in Chicago

  • Support for the three meetings each year of the District Council (our “Board of Directors”) or for one meeting

  • Support for the three meetings each year of the Lasallian Mission Council

  • Underwriting support for the annual gathering of the four nurses in the Midwest District

  • Sponsorship of one, or both, annual issues of the District magazine, Faith & Zeal

  • Underwriting support for any of the 12 annual Lasallian Day events throughout the country

  • Sponsorship of the Advent and Lenten booklet program

Sponsorship of:

The Lasallian Social Justice Institute: This annual summer weeklong experience gathers Lasallians from the District and beyond to observe, discuss and act upon a specific social injustice in our country. Participants return home more able to impact unjust systems and create a more just world.

Young Lasallians: 22-35 year olds who define themselves as Lasallian educators in the Midwest District. They exist as a peer group to deepen Lasallian vocation and service to those greatest in need. This growing group gathers locally and at District events to support and challenge one another. 

Lasallian Youth: High school age students within Lasallian schools who focus on the three areas of service, faith and community. They gather annually at one of our District universities to deepen their faith lived out as agents of action in their schools.

Buttimer: These workshops take place each summer for two weeks over a three year cycle at St. Mary’s College in Moraga, CA. Participants from across the U.S. and the English speaking world gather to deepen their commitment as adult Lasallian educators. Lasallians from the Midwest District participate annually at each of the three levels of the program.

Huether: This annual conference takes place in Chicago the weekend before Thanksgiving, focusing on a topic relating to their shared Lasallian ministry. This important Lasallian formation experience is often the first event Lasallians attend outside of their own institution.

Lasallian Animators: Each Lasallian ministry in the Midwest District has an animator who gives life to the Lasallian mission in that university, high school, San Miguel school or retreat center. These point persons foster communication between the ministry and the District. They gather on an annual basis to share best practices.

Contact Program: The first stage of formation for young men interested in exploring the life of a De La Salle Christian Brother, Contacts live and minister in their own work sites and places of study. Each is visited by a Brother and given opportunities to learn more about the lifestyle of the Brothers.

Lasallian Formation: Retreats, workshops, and days of recollection are among the experiences offered at the local level for a deepening of Lasallian vocation.

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